Family History Research

Have your family history researched by a reliable professional genealogist with over 30 years of experience. I can trace your ancestors from you as far back as the records will take us, or I can help you break down the brick wall you’re stuck with.

I’ll provide you with copies of the original records and provide details of your ancestors lives and how they lived.

Every Family Tree is unique and it is this fact that lays behind the popularity of family history research. The family genealogy is yours and yours alone. Parts of it are shared with your relatives but there is a path from your earliest progenitor to you that is truly unique and personal to you alone.

Genealogy Research Services

If you live in the UK, U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand or any other part of the English speaking world, I can find your ancestors who originated from the UK.

General Research
  • You have the services of a “Who Do Think You Are” researcher
  • Interim report update whenever requested
  • Full narrative report at conclusion of research
  • No hidden charges such as travel or research fees
  • Free copies of all documentation
Brick Wall Research
  • I’m a recognised expert in breaking down “brick walls”
  • Free review of all your previous research
  • One to one contact with me
  • Full explanation of method used
  • Contact addresses researched for missing relatives

Focused Research

The direction research takes is guided by you. Tell me what is of greatest interest to you and what you want and expect of me.

  • I will focus my efforts fully on the task you set me.
  • I will take your instructions and listen to your request.
  • I strongly believe that you, the client, should stay in control and I should concentrate on doing the best research I can.

Research Rates

  • My fee is £300 for 20 hours of research
  • You can pay in your local currency
Start Your Journey

Get in touch via the contact page if you feel you need more or less than a full round of genealogical research.

From my contact page you can ask me anything you wish about research, payment schemes or records.